Dear Friend,

Chances are you don’t get much time to really think about who you were designed to be. We have created this day for you to dream and delve into what God has in store for you.

We consider it a privilege to guide you through this process of looking at the desires of you heart and ultimately the desire God has for each one of you.

No doubt many of you have unmet desires and unrealized dreams. It is our prayer that through this conference you will be transformed — as a woman who is unhindered in your ability to let God do through you what is beyond you!

At each conference, you and you friends will experience

  • inspiring worship to help you reconnect with God
  • teaching sessions to encourage and enlighten you
  • workshops to give you practical helps
  • and books and resources to keep you motivated

Plus the opportunity to meet new girlfriends and see what God will do in the midst of connecting you with others who share your heart.

We’re excited to see what God is going to do.

From our hearts to yours,

Kathi Lipp

Cindi McMenamin

and Harvest House Publishers